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Improve your customer experience with UserReplay.

An integrated customer experience platform powered by machine learning

Get to actionable data faster than ever.

Session Replay

Replay sessions in high quality and see a huge amount of information about every session.


Realtime Dashboards

Build flexible, realtime data dashboards to get an overview of your user's experience.


Smart Segments

Machine learning powered segments group together your most important sessions

Discover, inspect and take action on the right sessions

UserReplay’s intelligent segments and dashboards help you discover the issues which are costing you revenue, automatically.

Take action, instantly

UserReplay allows you to take actions based on your real time data.

Realtime Search

Powerful realtime search and filtering helps you find specific issues quickly.

Realtime Search

  • Find all sessions where the user had more than 4 items in their cart and a total basket value of over $100.
  • Find all the sessions receiving search errors on your site, analyze what they were looking for.
  • Find all the sessions from a specific advertising campaign and see how well it performed.


  • When a customer with a cart value of more than $100 abandons, send a webhook.
  • When average number of pages per session drops, send an email.
  • When cart abandonment spikes, send an email.
  • When average cart value drops, send a Slack message.


Create smart, realtime alerts based on your own custom criteria.  Trigger emails, webhooks, Slack messages and more.


Monetization & ROI

Get comprehensive monetization analysis in realtime.  Attach an exact dollar value to every customer experience issue.

Monetization Analysis



    See how much revenue you’re losing out on for each customer experience issue.


    Calculate realtime revenue for specific pages, user journeys or cohorts.




    Send your high value sessions to customer chat tool to trigger a real time intervention.


    Send high value purchases to a Slack channel.


    Create issues for sessions with errors in Jira.



Connect your UserReplay data to over 1000 other services like Salesforce, Slack and Google Analytics with Zapier.


Notes & Sharing

Leave notes on specific sessions and share them with your team to fix problems fast.

Notes & Sharing



    Share specific sessions with your development team to identify and fix bugs fast. 


    Share specific purchase journeys with customers to aide with dispute resolution.

Powered by advanced machine learning

UserReplay intelligently analyzes every session against a number of custom trained ML models.

Designed to help highlight important sessions and enable advanced automation.


Propensity to Convert

Intelligently analyzes each sessions likelihood to result in a purchase.  


High Value Churn

Groups together high monetary value sessions with a high likelihood to leave the site without a purchase.


Repeated Journeys

Monitors for sessions which show frustration through taking repeated actions within the user interface or between pages.


Lookalike Sessions

Groups together sessions with similar characteristics.  Helps you quantify the impact of any given user struggle.

Built for Scale

UserReplay can handle huge amounts of realtime data, and powers customer experience analytics for many of the world’s largest brands.

Instant Scale

UserReplay can collect billions of data points in real time, with 100% data capture.

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Developer Tools

UserReplay’s developer tools help your engineering teams isolate and fix issues in record time.

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Data Layer

Search and filter based on all the information held in your site’s data layer.

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Customers love UserReplay

UserReplay helps some of the world’s largest brands identify and fix customer experience issues.

Delighting customers is critical today— you can’t ignore it. If customers have a challenge with your experience, they’ll quickly leave for a competitor

Michael Brady
CIO at Market America

UserReplay has become an essential part of our arsenal of tools to manage our environments.

Julian Hall
VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development at SSFCU

With UserReplay we can now detect, identify and validate issues within minutes.

Greg Machin
Conversion Analyst at Netflights

We can actually watch, validate and act on the customer interaction and behaviour, in real-time.

Mike Austin
VP Ecommerce Technology at Rooms To Go

UserReplay have delivered for BT over the last few years – and are a partner we really value.

Duncan Rutherford
Head of eCommerce at BT

Once you have the ability to extract the type of information UserReplay provides, you can’t live without it.

Brad Schneider
Director of Application Development at The Container Store

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