Discover Customer Experience Management

Why choose UserReplay?

  • Quantify and monetize customer struggle based on insight rather than guesswork
  • See your users online experience from both a visual and technical perspective in real-time
  • Get the visibility, insight and understanding to radically improve conversion and increase revenue
  • Identify, quantify and fix website usability, technical and performance problems
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or On Premise

Key Features

Machine Learning and Analytics

Identify customer experience issues and why customers struggle on your website.

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Monetization and Conversion Analysis

Understand why customers don’t convert and quantify the revenue impact of conversion issues.


Customer Experience Scoring

Measure the quality of customer experience – both for the website and individuals


Form Analytics

Uncover why customers struggle with forms and what causes them to abandon


Real-time Dashboards and Alerts

Identify alarming trends and minimize lost revenue when unexpected problems occur.


Visual Replay of User Journeys

See how customers interacted with your site and any barriers they experienced.


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Who uses UserReplay and why?

  • E-Commerce – Increase conversion, order size and retention
  • Marketing/UX – Diagnose and remove conversion barriers
  • Customer Service – Shorter call times, Resolve disputes and escalate appropriate technical problems
  • Web Ops/ Infrastructure – Identify and resolve performance and infrastructure issues
  • IT – Replicate and fix technical problems
  • Compliance – Reduce fraud and increase auditability