UserReplay launches Software as a Service version


21 October 2014

Reading, Berkshire: Customer Experience Management (CEM) software startup, UserReplay launches UserReplay Software as a Service version.

One of the biggest historic barriers to the adoption of Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) functionality has been that the only choice was to install the software on-premise, behind the firewall and utilise a network TAP or SPAN port. A passive capture approach was required in order to provide full journey-capture, site-specific flagged events and reporting, whilst capturing enough technical data to find and fix conversion barriers. This is how UserReplay and its main competitor have worked for years. While this approach undoubtedly delivers strong Return on Investment (ROI) it also provides a significant barrier to adoption for some customers.

To test an Digital CEM product it was necessary to install servers and a TAP or SPAN port. This required assistance from the IT function and often an external hosting provider which added time, cost and complexity. Many customers decided this was too hard and did not give CEM a try, and in doing so lost out on many opportunities to enhance conversion.

These constraints are now history; UserReplay has launched its full CEM solution as Software as a Service. Providing this breadth of functionality as SaaS has involved significant technical innovation, and is the subject of a number of patent applications by UserReplay Limited. Unlike heat map/mouse tracking tools UserReplay SaaS includes functionality such as “flagged events” which flexibly capture journeys where customers struggle. UserReplay SaaS also captures all journeys rather than just a sample and provides SQL access to the underlying user journey database along with deep technical diagnostics.

In order to deploy UserReplay as a service a small JavaScript tag is inserted on the pages to be captured, normally using a tag manager, exactly as with web-analytics but without the need to configure lots of variables.

Our SaaS version has been through a private beta-test with a number of leading brands, and is already in use with a growing customer base across a number of vertical markets. Now CEM is available on demand customers can try it without investing in hardware, and we have found that significant and previously unknown conversion barriers can usually be identified and fixed within a two week proof of concept. One of our first SaaS customers for example discovered a significant and growing conversion problem for customers on iOS 8 – this would have been found much later and after much greater lost revenue if it was not for the early warning provided by UserReplay SaaS.

Get in touch with User Replay if you would like to experience the power of CEM functionality on demand and without installing software or hardware.

About UserReplay

UserReplay’s session replay technology lets you record, re-run and analyse every visitor’s journey through a website. For eCommerce companies this is invaluable as it enables you to find and fix site bugs, resolve disputes, recover abandoned baskets and prevent fraudulent transactions online.

Aimed at medium to large enterprises with e-commerce channels, UserReplay enables users to improve the quality of their websites, enhance customer’s shopping experience, and reduce dramatically the time required to resolve any problems and disputes consumers may have while shopping.

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