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Customer Experience Management – Session Replay of all your website visitors

Many eCommerce retailers have probably never heard of the 1992 Supreme Court case we discussed recently— Quill Corp. v. North Dakota. Up until recently, the only thing you really had to know was that the decision in that case has saved you from sales tax headaches. Unfortunately, the 25-year grace period seems to be ending […]

Don’t Let Hackers Crash Your Holiday Party

We recently kicked off a holiday blog series by discussing the cart abandonment issues that plague eCommerce businesses of all sizes this time of year.

Machine Learning Impacts Customer Experience for Digital Financial Services

It’s no secret that FinTech disruptors are putting a great deal of pressure on incumbent financial services firms.

Online Sales Tax Is Coming—Are You Ready for Compliance?

May 26, 1992 was a big day for eCommerce—even though online commerce was basically non-existent at that time. On May 26, 1992, the Supreme Court decided its ruling

Cart Abandonment Issues: Let Rudolph Guide You Through the eCommerce Storm

The shift from brick-and-mortar retail to eCommerce brings with it an inherent problem with cart abandonment. You do all of the work to capture buyer intent and bring them into your site only to have customers leave the site without completing an order.

[Infographic] eCommerce Companies Rejoice! The 2016 Holiday Shopping Season Is Almost Here

We’ve reached that time of the year again—Halloween is behind us and stores are starting to roll out their holiday-themed decorations. And no one is happier this time of the year than retailers who are set to see massive revenue spikes for November and December. 2015 was an important year for eCommerce as, for the […]

UK Insurers—Are You Leaving Revenue on the Table?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how US insurers are making up ground with digital customer experience (CX) in an effort to close a widening revenue gap. However, it’s generally understood that UK insurers are further along in terms of embracing digital transformation— if you are an insurer in the UK, do you still […]

Digital Pressures Are Weighing Heavy on Financial Services Firms

For several years now, traditional financial services firms have been under siege from a new market of financial disintermediaries—startups focused on using digital channels almost exclusively, to streamline financial services. Whether you’re a bank, insurer, retirement firm or wealth management firm, you know that digital isn’t just a fad. Digital is a reality that financial […]

Three More Crucial KPIs for Digital Retailers

Recently, we posted a blog about some crucial KPIs that traditional retailers need to understand in order to survive the transition to the digital era. In order to keep their customers and stay profitable, digital retailers need to monitor the ROI on advertising, keep track of the customer journey, and ensure they’re stocking the things […]

Regulation Rundown—Balancing Customer Experience Analytics with Data Privacy Regulations

Nearly every company is investing in customer experience as a key differentiator in digital business, but there is a clear difference between those that are succeeding and those that are falling behind. Among companies that are thriving despite digital transformation, 78% credit key technology upgrades for their success. Over the last decade or so, customer […]