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Customer Experience Management – Session Replay of all your website visitors

In the last few weeks, we have been excited to announce we have secured $4.7 million of new funding from leading investors. These funds bring the total raised to date to over $10 million. Sales have grown rapidly and whilst our cash position was already strong, we decided to raise further funds now to accelerate […]

The challenges of optimizing customer experience in the financial services industry

Financial service providers have undergone a significant transition in the last decade whereby the customer’s experience has increasingly transitioned online, with a complex array of functions being offered on a self-service basis.  For a highly regulated industry – that has traditionally been a face-to-face customer serving industry – this is quite a step change. Optimal […]

Form field fails: How brands can conquer them once and for all

We’re all used to completing forms online – sometimes they work well, other times they can be confusing and frustrating. Consequently, this can be an area where customers drop out of key processes on a website such as checkout, insurance quoting, registration and many more. In an increasingly global eCommerce environment, consumers need to be […]

Keeping score of your customer’s experience

How well do you really understand your customers’ experiences on your website? Can you measure the quality of experience at any particular point in time? Can you measure the impact of change on your customer base as it happens? As we mentioned in our Digital Customer Experience Predictions blog, 2016 will be the year data […]

Digital customer experience predictions for 2016

We’ve hit the ground running in 2016, and as we get underway with new plans and projects we wanted to share with you our predictions for the major developments we anticipate in 2016. Here are some of the big trends we expect to see in customer experience, eCommerce and digital marketing.   Data-driven decisions We […]

Delighting your customers in the holiday season

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping or the January sales, this time of year is amongst the busiest for retailers. The pressure is therefore on for eCommerce brands to provide a consistently excellent experience to their customers. Increased visitor traffic can put pressure on the ability to deliver this – so it is […]

20/20 vision – removing website blind spots

In a data rich world, it’s surprising how many brands we come across that lack full visibility of their customers’ experiences. According to the Counting the Cost of not Knowing research report, only one in five eCommerce organisations can fully and accurately quantify the amount of revenue being lost through a less than optimal online […]

Big or small, the issue can cost you dear

It would be fair to assume that the more complex an issue is to fix, the greater the impact on the bottom line. However, in the world of eCommerce, this is not necessarily true.  Quite often, issues that could be fixed relatively easily can have a negative impact on conversion rates and revenue.  More worryingly, […]

The hidden cost to business

When it comes to understanding the customer experience, a driving factor is the positive impact greater visibility would have on the overall conversion rate – in terms of volume and individual basket value. Yet, the costs to a business that result from poor visibility go far beyond conversion rates. According to the research study “Counting […]

Counting the Cost of Not Knowing

Online Customer Experience is fast becoming a competitive battleground for eCommerce brands. 89% of eCommerce professionals surveyed in our independent study The Online Customer Experience – Counting the Cost of Not Knowing see it as a significant differentiator in business. However, while the general awareness of the importance of Customer Experience is increasing, many businesses […]