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Customer Experience Management – Session Replay of all your website visitors

For several years now, traditional financial services firms have been under siege from a new market of financial disintermediaries—startups focused on using digital channels almost exclusively, to streamline financial services. Whether you’re a bank, insurer, retirement firm or wealth management firm, you know that digital isn’t just a fad. Digital is a reality that financial […]

Three More Crucial KPIs for Digital Retailers

Recently, we posted a blog about some crucial KPIs that traditional retailers need to understand in order to survive the transition to the digital era. In order to keep their customers and stay profitable, digital retailers need to monitor the ROI on advertising, keep track of the customer journey, and ensure they’re stocking the things […]

Regulation Rundown—Balancing Customer Experience Analytics with Data Privacy Regulations

Nearly every company is investing in customer experience as a key differentiator in digital business, but there is a clear difference between those that are succeeding and those that are falling behind. Among companies that are thriving despite digital transformation, 78% credit key technology upgrades for their success. Over the last decade or so, customer […]

To Survive the Digital Age, Retailers Must Watch These Three KPIs

Over the last five years ecommerce has been taking big bites out of the brick-and-mortar market, and the gap is more apparent this year than ever. Amazon—the biggest store in the world—recorded an e-commerce revenue of $82.7 billion. Walmart is Amazon’s nearest competitor in the ecommerce field, but its online earnings were a comparatively paltry […]

What Are U.S. Insurers Doing About Improving Customer Experience?

Distinct from insurers in the UK, where digital customer experience is much farther along, it has been suggested that digital teams within US insurance companies can improve their digital research and buying experience for customers by examining the strategies and tactics being used in other industries, such as Retail. Competitive pressures from digital-only insurers, known as […]

The Second Wave of Digital Disruption: Technology that Retailers Must Know About

For a long time, ecommerce was more of an art than a science. You’d set up your website, fill it with products, buy a few banner ads, and hope. Within the space of a few years, however, a relative dearth of information turned into the opposite—a flood. Websites have become larger and more complex—the size […]

What Revenue Might Be Hidden in your Digital Channel?

Making a sale online isn’t easy. In fact, approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. That’s why you can’t afford to lose even half a percent of your customers that show interest. However, the reality is that there are hundreds of factors that go into transforming your interested […]

Machine Learning Basics: What Marketing and eCommerce Managers Need to Know

In this digital age, “business as usual” is not sufficient; customers have come to expect their digital experience to be tuned to their needs. New techniques for meeting customer needs and expectations are required to leverage the digital channel more effectively. Machine learning is emerging as a digital disruptor and an essential piece of technology […]

Customer Experience Analytics Collaboration—A Key Component for Eliminating CX Friction

With 89% of businesses believing customer experience is a key differentiator for them in their markets, the rise of customer experience analytics (CXA) solutions isn’t surprising. However, CXA solutions are still relatively new to businesses, having only been around for the past 10 to 15 years. Although the market for CXA solutions is still young, […]

Bad Customer Experience Isn’t Just a Reputation Problem—It’s a Revenue Problem

There is a widening gap between the digital experience companies think they deliver and the experiences that customers actually have. Our research indicates that 89% of businesses think customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator for them in the market—but at the same time, 85% of organizations find that understanding why customers struggle in the […]