Cloud Testing

Endless combinations of browsers, devices, operating systems and user behaviour makes comprehensive testing impossible. Problems experienced by customers are often impossible to replicate or even discover – and therefore cannot be fixed.

UserReplay fixes this problem by turning every end user into a tester. UserReplay records every user journey in detail. Problematic journeys are automatically identified. UserReplay provides visual replay, meaning problem journeys can be replayed and the customers problem instantly replicated. All technical data exchanged by client and server during the user journey is also captured, providing deep insight into the cause of each problem.

Our customers report that with this automatic replication bugs can be fixed up to 20 times quicker.

UserReplay is a Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution. This means as well as finding technical errors and bugs it can also identify conversion issues, usability problems, confusing business logic and performance issues in the application.

On eCommerce applications, fixes can be prioritised based on their impact on conversion.

UserReplay is a powerful session recording and reporting engine that drives understanding of problems in your visitor’s online journeys.

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