Cofunds deploys UserReplay to find and fix website issues in real time


Established in 2001, Cofunds is the UK’s largest independent platform for the financial services industry, with assets under administration over £50bn. It provides flexible administration and management services for advisers and their clients as well as dealing and custody services for financial institutions. It does not offer investment management or advice, nor does it compete with advisers by offering its services direct to the end client. Cofunds exists to serve the needs of institutions, advisers, their clients, and fund managers.

The Challenge

When a customer called in with a perceived problem with the website, it was often difficult to determine whether the problem was a simple user error, or whether a genuine problem with the website had occurred. Escalation to application (3rd level) support usually ensued, requiring painstaking analysis of log files. This cycle of analysis would often take days, sometimes weeks. These issues were having a noticeable impact on precious internal resources, interrupting and slowing other projects.

Download the case study now to find out how Cofunds used UserReplay to improve the customer experience and:

  • Reduce issue resolution times of up to a week to just hours
  • Keep data secure by having the UserReplay software installed as an on-premise solution within Cofund’s fully secure environment
  • Provide fair resolution of customer disputes

Cofunds UserReplay CEM

“Improving the quality of our platform and providing excellent customer support are strategically important to Cofunds, and the level of improvement achieved through UserReplay is significant.”

Peter Pearce, Digital Manager



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