Adhara launches a new era in mobile app analytics by placing machine learning at the very heart of its insight. Ruth Peters, CEO of UserReplay, comments “ Increasingly companies are utilizing the enhanced intimacy and relevance of mobile apps to build loyalty and engagement.  Our machine learning insights provide a perfect window into the customer’s behaviour, picking up even the subtle, hard-to-detect issues that undermine CX”.

Adhara also includes many of the features from UserReplay’s web based Customer Experience analytics platform, including: unique event based analytics, high-fidelity session replay, segmentation, monetization and CX scoring.  Crucially, user PII can be identified and blocked from both data collection and the visual session replay.

The Adhara SDK is simple to implement and has seen app developers quickly identify issues in UX that traditional analytics tools may not identify.  The way in which user struggles and manifest themselves can be tracked and prioritised, improving resolution times and overall user satisfaction. It is no longer necessary to know which user journey path to follow to identify opportunities, as Adhara supports the automated identification of potential blockers to in-app productivity.  Deep insights, supported by visual replays, allow more areas of the business to gain deep insight into customer experience .

Phil Dando, Mobile Application Specialist from the Adhara Product team explains “as customers seek to stitch together data from different touchpoints we are really excited to bring this addition to our product portfolio. We believe Adhara will allow customers to evolve the end-user experience and increase development proactivity by identifying patterns of behavior and streamlining the path to conversion”.

Adhara is available for both native and React native frameworks, with more to be introduced over the coming months. Please contact us for further feature and pricing details.

About UserReplay

UserReplay’s Customer Experience platform enables businesses to discover the truth about their customers’ digital experience by watching behaviour across both web and Mobile Applications.  It combines sophisticated machine learning and eventing analytics to identify even subtle customer struggle and success signals.

The real time, actionable nature of the data allows teams to intervene at the point of struggle to prevent abandonment and increase conversion in the moment. 100% capture, high fidelity replay and monetization reports vizualize the customer struggle and enable find and fix based on priority to the business.

Aimed at medium to large enterprises with digital channels, UserReplay has the flexibility to be deployed as SaaS or installed on premise. Leading brands all over the world rely on UserReplay to improve the quality of their digital customer experience and increase revenue from their digital channels.


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