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When you hear about the pressures of digital transformation, you immediately think about updating your products and processes to create a more agile business. It’s true that your product offerings have to adapt to the digital consumer. However, digital products and services aren’t enough to differentiate you by themselves.

As technology becomes commoditized, innovative companies will have to differentiate based on the customer experience. So much so that Forrester’s James McCormick estimates that businesses driven by customer insights will “steal” $1.2 trillion from companies that fail to adapt.

But putting customer insights at the heart of your business is easier said than done. That’s why UserReplay, Market America, and Forrester are collaborating on an upcoming webinar—Building a Customer Insights Driven Business Through Digital Intelligence.

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The Importance of Digital Intelligence 

Digital customer experiences aren’t perfect. No matter how much effort you put into an eCommerce site or an online services business, customers will experience friction. Every business is capable of leveraging software and technology to manage large-scale issues with the digital customer experience—but even the smallest, hardest to identify points of friction are costing you revenue.

Digital performance management and digital intelligence are emerging as disciplines to help companies optimize customer interactions across all digital touch points (at every level of the experience). The companies that leverage digital intelligence tools to truly optimize the customer experience will be the ones that outpace even the most established competitors.

The challenge is how to modify traditional processes into CEA optimized ones and subsequently establish a digital intelligence architecture.

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Digital channels make it too easy for your customers to move to competing products. One bad customer experience can lead to lost revenue before you even know what happened. Implementing digital intelligence for deeper insights will help you be more proactive when creating smooth experiences.

On March 7, 2017, at 12pm EST, UserReplay, Market America and Forrester will host the Building a Customer Insights Driven Business through Digital Intelligence webinar. If you sign up to this webinar today, you’ll gain access to insights from the following presenters:

  • James McCormick, Forrester Principal Analyst: Explaining high-level strategy for a new frontier of insights-driven businesses and the digital intelligence architecture to support it.
  • Michael Bradley, CIO of Market America: Discussing how Market America has implemented an insights-driven approach across the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Ellen Steinlauf, Head of Strategy and Market Development for UserReplay: Moderating the webinar to focus on how UserReplay delivers customer experience analytics and digital performance management to support customers who want to build in an insights-driven business.

Click here to reserve your seat for this upcoming digital intelligence webinar. If you’ve been struggling with the thought of adapting to digital transformation demands and out-maneuvering your competition, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

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man holding binoculars searching for customer insights