Insurance – increase retention, decrease defection

Insurers today want to enable customers to quote, buy, manage and renew their insurance policies online. This helps them reduce costs and offer more convenience to customers. With users understandably demanding the highest level of service, everything from site reliability to ease of use becomes a factor. Potentially complex, large and detailed purchases mean delivering the best experience is imperative. Everything from performance to trust and reputation plays a key role in buying decisions.

Insight for insurers

Uncover and quantify customer struggles that impact the adoption rate of digital self-service tools. The wealth of data uncovered gives insurers the ability to provide innovative solutions to their customers’ needs. We enable you to deliver a customer centric insurance experience, taking advantage of all the capabilities built into new self-service digital tools. Customer journeys can be significantly improved by automatically uncovering technical bugs, problems with third party apps and usability issues.

What you could be getting…

Encourage customers to complete long forms and processes

Enhance your reputation to build loyalty for greater retention and renewal rates

Improve issue and call centre resolution times

Identify opportunities to innovate for great customer experience