Turn Digital Data into Actionable Insights

Turning data into actionable information is critical for businesses today. As a business analyst or data scientist, you are responsible for providing the insights that make a difference to your brand’s performance. And it has never been more important for you to have access to reliable, timely and relevant data about your digital customers’ interactions.

The leading data set for digital behaviour

In many businesses, digital channels are becoming the prime – if not only – method of engagement with customers. Decision makers need insights that are based on a complete picture of their customers. Ideally this data should be enriched with relevant data that is captured throughout their journey. UserReplay captures the richest, most complete data set about customer behaviour available today.

Your data, your rules

Everything captured within UserReplay is exploitable so that it can be analysed and integrated with other data from around the business. As well as powering your own data science initiatives, UserReplay also delivers insights driven by built-in machine learning algorithms that take advantage of our specific expertise in digital customer experience to identify key anomalies in customer experience.

Rooms to Go dramatically improve conversions with UserReplay at their core.

What you could be getting

The most complete data set about digital behaviour

Open and flexible access to digital experience data

Power business intelligence and data science initiatives

Machine learning algorithms for automatic anomaly detection