Resolve issues faster by seeing every online experience through the customer’s eyes

When you have a responsibility to deliver and support online customer experiences, it’s important to discover the CX obstacles that hinder conversions and impact performance. UserReplay unifies your view of Customer Experience and provides you with accurate data that correlates to specific issues, bridging data points and IT infrastructure.

Improve efficiencies – reduce time to resolution

With 100% of the technical data available behind every journey, you can complete the view of the customer and gain insights into why issues occur and how to resolve them. Monetization of discoveries empowers technical teams to prioritize by business impact. UserReplay integrates with APM tools such as New Relic and business systems relating to Voice of Customer, Chat, and APIs.

Real-time feedback – put the customer first

Seamlessly correlate between the technical and user perspectives of every customer journey and feedback in real-time to unify systems performance. The combination of rich technical data and CX replay enables faster root cause analysis, with fewer ‘re-creates’. This is applicable at both pre-production and production stages. Bookmark and ticket with service desk systems to confidently implement fixes without regressions.

SSFCU reduce issue detection and resolution times by more than 50%

What you could be getting

Fix conversion issues faster 50-70% reduction in MTTR

Highest value of any CEA tool. Save up to £3.1 million – first 30 days

Secure data protection. ISO 27001 certified

See across systems and services. APM integration and open data platform.