Detect and prevent fraud, protect revenue streams – safeguard your reputation

Tackling fraudsters, handling disputes and managing a brands online reputation is a time-consuming and stressful task. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve got your back. Thanks to our sophisticated machine learning and AI, UserReplay detects and identifies irregularities that occur on your site and alerts you, right from day one.

Identify, triage and act before damage occurs

Brand reputation, PII and security are of major importance to companies and users alike. UserReplay takes away the concern by identifying suspicious activity in real time. Orders, queries and disputes can all be managed with 100% data capture which includes all the underlying technical data. Users feel reassured while organisations can continue to deliver the very best Customer Experience.

SSFCU resolve disputes, mitigate fraud and manage their reputation using UserReplay’s Customer Experience Analytics.

What you could be getting

Detect and prevent fraudulent activity

Minimize revenue loss with a proactive solution

Protect your reputation and reassure your customers

Instantly resolve disputes with 100% certainty