We’ve reached that time of the year again—Halloween is behind us and stores are starting to roll out their holiday-themed decorations. And no one is happier this time of the year than retailers who are set to see massive revenue spikes for November and December.

2015 was an important year for eCommerce as, for the first time, consumers shopped more online than in stores between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. In fact, Thanksgiving-weekend eCommerce sales grew nearly 20% to over $7 billion in 2015—and 2016 is set to exceed these expectations.

Over the course of the November/December holiday shopping season, eCommerce sales are expected to grow 17% in 2016, leaving retailers with plenty to feel happy about.

You’ve Earned Holiday Shopping Revenue—You Just Have to Take It

Take a step back before the holiday season gets underway and think about all the things you’ve done this year to set you up for a strong year. Everything you’ve done from a customer experience standpoint—customer attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, etc.—sets the foundation for your success in the November/December eCommerce rush.

The effort you’ve put toward email marketing, advertising, social media engagement, PPC/SEO, loyalty schemes, voice of the customer programs and more means you’ve earned the right to holiday season revenue.

However, there are so many retailers that miss out on the eCommerce opportunity because of poorly-timed customer experience issues.

Don’t Let Customer Experience Issues Play the Role of Scrooge This Year

Customer experience (CX) is so often the one thing standing in the way between you and the revenue you’ve earned from consistent marketing and sales efforts. During the holiday shopping rush, it only takes one issue for customers to abandon the website and search elsewhere for the items on their wish lists.

On a high level, you might be aware of the potential challenges that can cause friction in your customer experience. The problem is that during the holiday season, it can be almost impossible to actually identify and remedy the issues before it’s too late.

At a time when big data is so readily available, eCommerce companies have to leverage the information at hand to actually improve customer experience and unlock the revenue they’ve earned throughout the year.

Sorting through big data manually isn’t scalable or efficient for the holidays, but a customer experience analytics solution can help you solve a number of CX problems that could put your customers into an Ebenezer-Scrooge kind of mood.

Read on and check out our latest infographic, 5 Customer Experience Tips for a Happier 2016 Holiday Shopping Season, that covers the key CX issues you’ll have to overcome if you want to ensure that this is the happiest holiday season yet for your eCommerce business.


Infographic Regarding Holiday Shopping Trends

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