Machine Learning

Advanced predictive analytics uncover underperforming segments


Our patent-pending machine learning algorithms automate the discovery of signatures left by struggling customers and determine whether the detected anomalies represent significant revenue opportunities. This leads to actionable insights, while reducing dependencies on human analyst resources.

Key Benefits

Enable the discovery of valuable but previously undiscovered customer segments
Reduce the discovery time of revenue opportunities from days to minutes
Automatically find optimization opportunities that are hard to find for human analysts
Generate a focused segment of customers for further investigation
screen learning machine

UserReplay’s machine learning is designed to automate discovery – clustering customer journeys into segments, and allowing new struggle behaviors to be discovered and fed back into the system. This facilitates pinpointing issues directly, rather than having to watch session replays hoping to spot something unusual.

UserReplay at a Glance

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The future of optimizing your digital customer experience is here. With UserReplay, it is easy to discover and monetize the revenue opportunities in your customer journey data.

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