Patented Technology

Advanced IP to capture, analyze and recreate user sessions

UserReplay’s patented technology has earned the U.S. Patent Office’s Patent # 14/855,047: Systems and Methods for Recording and Recreating Interactive User-Sessions Involving an Online Server.

The patent involves UserReplay’s invention of a method for recording and recreating a user journey on a website. This utilizes an auditing system to capture and report an interactive client journey between a web browser and a website, by capturing and implying real-time interactions between the user, the browser on the computing device and the web server.

As a leading provider of customer experience analytics, this patent illustrates UserReplay’s commitment to providing customers the technology they need to optimize digital experiences for their own customers, and ultimately their own revenue potential. Recording and replaying online customer sessions to improve user experience creates a massive amount of big data. To address this, UserReplay has invented a completely new way to harness, analyze and recreate better scenarios with this data.

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The future of optimizing your digital customer experience is here. With UserReplay, it is easy to discover and monetize the revenue opportunities in your customer journey data.

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