15 July 2015, San Francisco, CA: hhgregg, an appliance, electronics and furniture retailer committed to providing customers with a truly differentiated purchase experience through superior customer service has selected Customer Experience Management software provider, User Replay for its e-commerce site. With UserReplay, hhgregg has a robust solution that provides rapid return on investment (ROI) by offering a replay of customers’ web experience so that any problems can be resolved quickly.

Scott Reasinger, Director of Retail Systems, hhgregg said, “We were impressed with the breadth of functionality and features offered by UserReplay’s Customer Experience Management solution. The rapid ROI combined with the strength of the product set UserReplay apart.”

hhgregg required a Customer Experience Management solution to quickly overcome any issues customers might face on the website. Reasinger continued, “If a customer experienced an obstacle prior to making a purchase – a customer couldn’t check out, there was an odd error – we needed the ability to recreate it so we could overcome it. However, tracking and recreating sessions was time consuming for our IT and e-commerce teams. UserReplay gave us the ability to immediately see what issue a customer faced and solve it. It’s greatly reduced the time to problem resolutions.”

UserReplay provides the ability to replay individual customer sessions to understand customer obstacles, offers valuable insight into what e-commerce customers actually experience, and helps to optimize the online channel by identifying, diagnosing and fixing barriers to conversion. Deployed in the way a customer wants – either on-premise or SaaS – UserReplay is up and running quickly. Integrated with hhgregg’s existing system in a matter of days, UserReplay now runs across hhgregg’s website in the US.

Reasinger continued, ‘Prior to UserReplay, we might look at the website and speculate on what needed resolving. However, there is nothing more powerful than the ability to see exactly what a customer is doing or where and why exactly a problem is happening. UserReplay gave us this powerful functionality. We are quickly able to triage issues based on what is impacting our web revenue most and prioritize those first. The insight we get from UserReplay allows us to easily monetize any issues with our website, giving us instant ROI.”

John Thompson, CEO, UserReplay said, “Companies are typically drowning in metrics about customer visits to their digital properties, but have very little insight into the experience of individual customers. For hhgregg, the ability to see customers’ experiences to resolve any problems quickly without putting pressure on its internal teams was essential to selecting UserReplay. hhgregg now has a successful solution for improving the customer experience.”

Reasinger concluded, “UserReplay shows depth in features and functionality and offers easy visibility of what the customer is doing. After a quick integration, we immediately gained customer experience insights. User capture and customer experience can be intimidating, but to get the maturity of this product, at this price point with almost instant ROI is exceptional. I would absolutely recommend UserReplay.”

hhgregg will continue to roll out UserReplay throughout the organization from the IT and e-commerce teams to its customer service teams.

About UserReplay

UserReplay’s customer experience analytics solution enables businesses to discover the truth about their customers’ digital experience. It combines replay of customer journeys with sophisticated analytics that identify customer struggles and monetizes their impact. This helps improve conversion, resolve technical and usability issues more quickly, recover lost customers and prevent fraud.Aimed at medium to large enterprises with digital channels, UserReplay has the flexibility to be deployed as SaaS or installed software. Leading brands all over the world rely on UserReplay to improve the quality of the website experience for their customers and increase revenue from their digital channel. The company has raised over $10M in funding to date from EC1 Capital Ltd, Episode 1 and others.

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