Technology Partners

Appsee’s mobile app analytics platform automatically tracks all users’ interactions in your app, provides insights into their behavior and helps you keep them happy.

OpinionLab are a leading provider of SaaS based Voice of Customer solutions. OpinionLab utilises the concept of “Customer Initiated Engagement” where customers are able to leave feedback on the website on their own terms – simply by clicking on the [+] logo. UserReplay provides additional context to the feedback provided via OpinionLab by providing visualisation of the customer’s actual experience.


Regional Partners

United States

In 2002, Stratigent set out to help companies establish confidence in their data. Today, Stratigent is a leader in full-service, multi-channel analytics consulting.

Germany and Austria

Neos offers Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for e-Commerce businesses

France, Belgium and Switzerland

StarAchats represents leading international software products in the French-speaking market. UserReplay is one of its flagship products.


BitBang has provided digital analytics and customer experience management consulting since 2003, offering a wide range of services enabling companies to create synergies between their online and offline worlds in order to improve overall business performance.

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