Deployment Options

UserReplay uniquely offers its full customer experience analytics solution as SaaS or installed software.

How Does UserReplay Work?

The powerful capabilities of UserReplay are available as either Software as a Service (SaaS) or as installed software. Each approach has particular advantages and our customers have a genuine choice in how to implement UserReplay to best fit their business requirements.

UserReplay SaaS captures visitor data via the implementation of a small JavaScript tag across the website. No custom tags or variables are required.

UserReplay Enterprise (installed software) customers have a choice of data capture methods:

  • Passive Network Capture via network tap, SPAN port or Mirror Port
  • Enterprise JavaScript Tag

Enterprise or SaaS: Which should I choose?

UserReplay SaaS: Customer Experience Analytics Deployed Instantly, On-Demand

UserReplay pioneered the delivery of enterprise Customer Experience Analytics as a SaaS solution. This includes session replays, customer experience analytics/scoring, flagged events, configurable searches and flexible reporting. Providing this breadth of functionality on a SaaS platform has required significant technical innovation and UserReplay have filed a number of patent applications around this.

In order to deploy UserReplay SaaS, a small JavaScript tag is inserted on the pages that are to be captured. Many customers do this using a tag management solution. Unlike traditional web analytics solutions, no custom tags or variables are required on the page. The JavaScript tag is common across the site. Once the tag is deployed, the user journey from every visitor is then securely captured in the UserReplay cloud with no perceptible performance impact.

UserReplay SaaS – Secure and Scalable

UserReplay SaaS does not capture Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive data (such as credit card numbers, passwords etc). Also, the UserReplay SaaS solution is regularly penetration tested by an expert FTSE-250 defense and security company.

All of your visitor journeys are stored for a period of time as specified by you (typically 30 days). The UserReplay cloud leverages the scalability, flexibility and performance of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The technical benefits of using the AWS platform are well documented; however another benefit is that you can even specify the geographical area your data resides in.

UserReplay Enterprise: Installed Software for Maximum Control.

UserReplay Enterprise is software that runs on one or more servers that are hosted securely within your firewall – either in your data centres or in your cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure etc). These servers are under your control. This is particularly applicable when there are specific regulatory requirements around storage of user journey data; for example in the finance or healthcare sectors.

All user session and reporting data is stored in your own storage. You also have total control over the upgrade cycle for the software.

There are 2 distinct data capture mechanisms for UserReplay Enterprise – passive network capture or JavaScript tag. These options are detailed below.

Passive Network Capture for UserReplay Enterprise

UserReplay Enterprise can be deployed using a powerful tag-free session capture engine that will securely record every user journey. The software utilizes a network TAP, SPAN port or Mirror Port to replicate network traffic for the website. The highly scalable capture engine then rebuilds this data into full user journeys.

Using this approach means you will capture all HTTP/HTTPS traffic including web pages, XML, Ajax requests, redirects etc. You will also capture all Bot and Crawler traffic to your site – which can provide useful analysis of traffic profiles and identification of undesirable non-human traffic.

It is also possible to capture web services traffic. Your existing analytics is most likely completely blind to this but it can potentially provide a much richer understanding of the complete user journey.

JavaScript Tag Capture for UserReplay Enterprise

UserReplay Enterprise can also be implemented through the use of a JavaScript tag capture method. This is similar to the capture method used on UserReplay’s SaaS solution. The main difference is that the data is directed to the customer’s own servers rather than UserReplay’s hosting environment. There are a number of reasons why you might take this approach to deployment:

  • Customer needs to capture PII for specific use cases (e.g. fraud analysis, dispute resolution)
  • Regulatory issues around third party storage of data
  • Requirement for hi-fidelity replay of sites using extensive client side technology or single page applications
  • Capture and replay of third party content is required (e.g. Multi-Variate testing content)
  • Website is hosted on a complex distributed architecture or in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure etc) where passive network capture is not feasible.

UserReplay – Providing Ultimate Deployment Flexibility

UserReplay provide the widest range of deployment approaches available in the Customer Experience Analytics market. SaaS or on-premise? JavaScript tag or network capture? UserReplay covers all the bases.

This means customers are safe in the knowledge they can implement UserReplay in the most appropriate way for their specific business needs.

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