Key Features

UserReplay makes it easy to find and monetize the conversion barriers on your website.

Machine Learning and Analytics

A key aspect of managing the digital customer experience is discovering key conversion barriers encountered by your visitors. However, you don’t have time to replay hundreds of customer journeys. UserReplay’s powerful machine learning and analytics allow you to pinpoint the segments and journeys that are struggling. This means you can quickly discover the reasons WHY your customers fail to convert.

These capabilities are powered by flagged events that are triggered by specific activity in a journey such as visiting a step in your checkout, technical errors or seeing application messages such as “out of stock”. They can also be based on complex struggle behavior such as checkout restarts or multiple payment attempts. Flagged events are created within the UserReplay portal without the need to deploy custom tags or variables on web pages.

Monetization and Conversion Analysis

Conversion funnels in web analytics solutions are used to understand where customers abandon website processes. However, they will not uncover the reasons WHY customers abandon? UserReplay’s conversion funnels provide the ability to drill down to session replays of abandoning customers to understand why they fail to convert.

When conversion issues are discovered, the next question will be “What is the impact of this issue on our business?”. UserReplay’s unique monetization analysis provides immediate insight into the real financial impact of issues and allows easy prioritization of resolutions.

Customer Experience Scoring

UserReplay’s groundbreaking customer experience scoring provides an easy way to measure the quality of experience on your site. Each individual customer accumulates their own struggle and success scores but these scores are also aggregated across the whole site. This means you have an at-a-glance summary of customer experience on the site and can identify potential issues quickly – before you lose significant revenue.

In addition, you have visibility of the individual customers that are struggling most on the site. This provides an early warning of issues that might be affecting other users – which you can then quantify and monetize. You could also initiate customer service activity in real-time to assist struggling customers and attempt to recover sales that would otherwise be lost.

Form Analytics

Forms are a common area of struggle on websites. Your customers may find themselves being blocked by issues such as poorly configured validation, mandatory fields not accepting expected values and form controls not working on particular devices.

UserReplay’s form analytics reveal the struggles your customers have with forms. They provide insight into overall form conversion rates, field abandonment, field duration, field re-entry and more.

UserReplay’s JavaScript tag will automatically recognise forms on your site and the form analytics are updated in real time. This ensures you are able to address form conversion issues quickly and based on hard fact.

Real Time Dashboards and Alerts

UserReplay can identify and alert on customer experience issues in real time. The real-time dashboard provides a single view where you can get instant visibility of alarming trends. In addition, UserReplay will send you email alerts when KPIs fall outside of their normal range. This enables lost revenue to be minimized by ensuring issues are flagged up as they happen.

The real-time dashboard comprises configurable widgets that can display a variety of metrics. The arrangement of these widgets can be customized for individual users or user groups to ensure they have the information they need at their fingertips.

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Visual Replay of User Journeys

UserReplay’s analytics will direct you to the customer journeys that really matter – where customers are struggling to convert or getting frustrated. You can then can replay these visitor sessions to see their experience through their own eyes – including any issues or barriers that they experienced.

These barriers will be a mixture of usability issues and technical problems. There will be instances where a visitor is unable to proceed to the next step of a user journey and there will be instances where a user is disinclined to continue, either through confusion or sheer frustration. UserReplay’s session replay will reveal these issues.

Alongside the visual replay, UserReplay provides rich technical data for your technical and development teams to easily reproduce and diagnose technical problems. Also, customer service reps can replay journeys to assist customers in real-time.

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