What is UserReplay?

UserReplay is a powerful session recording and reporting engine that drives your understanding of problems in your visitor’s online journeys.

UserReplay is a Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solution. Companies are typically drowning in metrics about customer visits to their digital properties but have very little insight into the experience of individual customers. For example, online retailers often know how many customers are abandoning at different steps of their checkout process but have no idea WHY they are abandoning. The only way to really understand this is to be able to replay individual customer sessions and see exactly what the customer saw. This is a key capability of Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) technology such as UserReplay. UserReplay provides the ability to replay individual customer sessions to understand customer obstacles. However UserReplay also provides the analysis tools that direct the user to the customer sessions that are most relevant for replay analysis.

UserReplay provides valuable insight into what e-commerce customers actually experience. UserReplay helps to optimize the online channel by identifying, diagnosing and fixing barriers to conversion. UserReplay identifies all the main categories of conversion barriers: Usability problems, confusing business logic, technical problems and performance problems. UserReplay also enables these problems to be prioritized by analyzing their impact on conversion and sales. UserReplay is an enterprise solution. IT will have server logs and performance metrics. Customer services will have emails and calls from struggling customers. Marketing will have funnel analytics showing where conversion problems are occurring. None of these functions have the whole picture on what conversion problems exist and why, what their impact is on sales, or how they can be fixed. UserReplay fills this gap.

UserReplay provides insight into individual user journeys. It captures every user journey. Sessions can be replayed visually, and this is supported by rich technical data. Intelligent search enables journeys of interest to be easily found. Even the most obscure, hard to replicate, conversion obstacles can be found and fixed. A dashboard of KPIs built from an aggregation of journey data also provides alerts about developing trends and problems. This means even unknown conversion problems can be identified before they damage business performance. UserReplay delivers compelling customer ROI by increasing conversion and retention rates, reducing the time and resources needed to fix problems, and reducing the cost of customer service. As well as increasing conversion UserReplay provides many additional benefits to the online channel. UserReplay helps resolve customer disputes, recover abandoned baskets and prevent fraud.

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