Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • The role of customer experience management and analytics in driving value for any mission critical website
  • How the latest customer journey analytics technology can boost sales, improve customer service and reduce fraud on websites.
  • and more!


Industry Report

Download this multi region research study and learn:

  • 85% of organizations say understanding why customers may struggle with their website is a current challenge.
  • Only 36% of organizations know what customers do on their website, and 35% know how the purchase process works from the customer perspective.
  • On average, businesses only think they know half of the customer difficulties experienced with their website.


Product Overview

UserReplay is a Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) solution for online businesses and e-commerce operators that will help you:

  • Track website user journeys in real-time
  • Quickly identifies issues preventing customers from completing their purchases
  • Take the guesswork out of problem solving by enabling online businesses to replay individual user journeys
  • See the exact problem that the customer was experiencing on their web page and learn how to fix it!



You may already have a customer experience management platform in place. But is the solution you’re currently using the best solution to support your business now and in the future?

In this eBook you’ll uncover 5 crucial questions to ask your CEM partner to make sure they’re keeping pace, including:

  • Does your solution provide the capabilities needed to support our ongoing CEM strategy?
  • How can we leverage the data in your CEM solution as part of our overall customer experience analytics strategy?
  • and more!