When eCommerce goes wrong there’s more at stake than you realise. Customer retention can diminish, brand loyalty is impacted and at a core business level, revenue is lost. Thankfully, action can be taken to mitigate the impact and drive an exceptional customer experience, increasing conversions and improving revenue streams. Take a look at our infographic below to discover the importance of turning your digital channels into real value.

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Online competition is ever increasing so it has never been more important to deliver an exceptional Online Customer Experience.

The responsibility for delivering this experience falls across multiple departments, however, these may be departments that do not traditionally align or collaborate with each other.

It’s time to bring IT, Marketing and eCommerce together to work as one.

Learn 8 top tips to understand how you can drive success and build loyalty

-Build deeper customer relationships and engagement
-Increase online revenue and increase conversion
-Align teams and departments to produce greater efficiency



Solution Brief

Most CEA tools do not help the technology function. They do not surface technical problems, quantify them in revenue terms or provide enough data to diagnose the problem directly or interface into APM for resolution. A visual replay tool with no underlying data allows you to see bad things are happening but with no idea why. Digital experience monitoring is an availability and performance monitoring discipline that is implemented through the application of visualization, analytics and machine-learning functionality into a combination of datasets.


Application Performance Management (APM) solutions focus on application performance and bugs and not the broader customer experience factors that drive revenue.
There are many revenue sapping customer experience issues that do not show up in an APM solution. These issues often appear to developers as “expected behaviour”, falling between the departmental silos and having an adverse effect on revenue.

Download the Solution Brief now to find out how UserReplay is integrated with APM solutions which create a powerful DPM solution and:

  • Read 4 real-life scenarios where DPM is able to technical issues to real business metrics and solutions
  • How combining the solution with APM can bust silos and deliver additional revenue
  • Read why a Forrester analytics survey found that 43% of firms believe that correlating multiple digital data dimensions is beneficial to their business.


Read the Solution Brief


Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • The role of customer experience management and analytics in driving value for any mission critical website
  • How the latest customer journey analytics technology can boost sales, improve customer service and reduce fraud on websites.
  • and more!


Industry Report

Download this multi region research study and learn:

  • 85% of organizations say understanding why customers may struggle with their website is a current challenge.
  • Only 36% of organizations know what customers do on their website, and 35% know how the purchase process works from the customer perspective.
  • On average, businesses only think they know half of the customer difficulties experienced with their website.


Product Overview

UserReplay is a Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) solution for online businesses and e-commerce operators that will help you:

  • Track website user journeys in real-time
  • Quickly identifies issues preventing customers from completing their purchases
  • Take the guesswork out of problem solving by enabling online businesses to replay individual user journeys
  • See the exact problem that the customer was experiencing on their web page and learn how to fix it!