Application Performance Management And CEA: Think Big

For many years application performance management (APM) has been a trusted mainstay of infrastructure and operations teams. It provides valuable information to IT teams, helping them monitor complex applications and identify business critical issues.

However, the analysts are predicting a change: APM is going to get bigger, bringing value to the Business as well as IT.­ As APM moves from the exclusive domain of the IT world, adding benefits more commonly familiar within the world of CEA, it has also been redefined as Digital Performance Management.

3 Application Performance Management Trends Signaling the Rise of Digital Performance Management

These 3 APM trends are taken from APM Digest extensive 4-part series trend report.

  • Advanced Analytics Transforming APM: Customer Experience Analytics will help unify IT and business stakeholders. Critical to this integration is the ability to analyze digital user experiences. And it’s expected that APM tools will introduce never-before-seen insights into the connection between CX and revenue.
  • Root Cause Analysis Is a Necessity, not a Luxury: Infrastructure and operations teams are often asked to do the impossible—to determine the cause of customer experience friction with almost zero information to go on. Even your best APM tool might not help you in this case. And unfortunately, this can cause a lot of friction between you and other stakeholders like the CMO. This trend indicates that APM vendors will make strides to make growing pools of information more actionable for the business.
  • APM Will Drive More Proactive IO Management: The IT support model has always been fairly standard. Users experience a problem, they report a ticket (when the problem is frustrating enough), and IT digs into the APM tool to fix technical issues. However, this reactive model doesn’t offer an opportunity to prioritize problems or anticipate them before they actually cause users to submit tickets. Becoming more proactive is critical for IO teams looking to drive business value.

These APM trends transcend simply making life easier for IO teams. While it’s nice for application performance management vendors to streamline infrastructure and operations processes, they now must go beyond tech insights to offer business value through customer insights.

Digital Performance Management— Delivering Customer Experience Analytics to APM

Customer experience analytics is the key to bringing the IT and Business world closer. However, building customer experience analytics into APM tools could be like developing an entirely new solution.

Rather than forcing existing solutions to do something they aren’t designed for, there’s a demand to raise the focus from APM to DPM and beyond into the complete online experience.

If you want to learn more about integrating your APM solution with customer experience analytics for a more comprehensive approach that unlocks revenue, we can help.

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