Announcing a New Partnership with Digital Intelligence Vendor New Relic

UserReplay has just launched an integration with Digital Intelligence Vendor, New Relic . The New Relic Partnership brings new insights for both IT and Digital, helping all focus on the customer.

Why Bring New Relic’s APM together with UserReplay’s online CX suite?

The move to cloud based, multi component applications offers great benefits but makes understanding the Customers’ Experience, a strategic differentiator, ever more challenging.

The Current Landscape

Let’s look at two tool sets that commonly work together in the online world.

Web Analytics is the collection, reporting and analysis of website data. IT, use APM solutions, such as New Relic, to ensure each part of the application and infrastructure is performing well.

But there is a gap, that of Customer Experience Analytics, where the multiple categories that affect CX (other than performance) can be seen, quantified, understood and actions taken.

A customer experience analytics solution, sees the items that web analytics and APM tools don’t see. It helps all teams view these items from the customers viewpoint, by replaying sessions and then analysing the scale of the struggle. UserReplay goes a step further, as it also looks at the monetary value, and provides the data needed to help teams take action quickly.

We call it Discover, Monetize and Optimize the Online CX

As a stand-alone offering, UserReplay has delivered millions of $/£ in increased revenue to its customers. The events and alerts, like those of New Relic, enable UserReplay to tell customers when something material is happening, research the cause and take action. But as a stand-alone offering, any in-house silos are still an issue.

So – How do you Ensure Teams Share and Act on Key Customer Insights?

It is for this reason that our integration to New Relic has been built.

UserReplay can already use a segment from a web analytics tool as a query. Now that same approach allows UserReplay to bring New Relic data into UserReplay to better understand the factors present in the question being asked.

This also allows New Relic to query UserReplay to understand and see the Customers’ view of a New Relic alert. This means that the need for teams to describe, recreate, prioritise and act upon factors that impact your online CX have been automated, the guesswork and confusion removed and the silos diminished. This enables you to act at speed for those factors that are proven to be losing you money.

So, Why is this Important?

As all businesses effectively become software companies (just with different products available), it means the traditional approaches and silos we have used need to change along with our companies. This need is recognised by all key analysts firms and Forrester are saying “Digital performance management is APM with a companywide perspective. It goes beyond APM by managing performance in a customer and business context.”

One Customer View

A recent customer meeting got me thinking about how, as businesses, we make our lives more complicated than they need to be, especially in e-commerce.

The meeting was with a global company that offer many ranges of products that we all have in our homes.  In the room were the marketing, product, sales and customer service leads for each of the 5 divisions … so 20 people.

I described a scenario where I had a number of their products in my home, but many I did not, and that I had an issue where A and B were not working. My questions was, who owns me as a record? and who should I speak to?

17 hands went up (it was the customer service folks for the 3 divisions I didn’t own a product of that stayed down).

I understand their response, but I am one person and to me they are one company. Please don’t dissect me according to your departments!

And yet that is how we operate every day, many stakeholders, all with their own KPI’s and tools and typically operating is silos – and where the one most important view, that of the customer, is typically not known and so cannot be used.

The NewRelic Partnership and integration breaks down these traditional silos and help all focus on one view of the customer. It helps IT visualize the customer impact of performance issues, and helps all work together to identify and resolve high priority issues quickly.

If you’re interested in understanding more on the New Relic Partnership and see some real user case scenarios where the resolution process is improved  then please read the DPM white paper or get in touch.