Top Cart Abandonment Issues for Black Friday Weekend

Top Cart Abandonment Issues for Black Friday Weekend

Ruth Peters
22nd November 2018

A recent study from Baynard, concludes the top abandonment issues for 2017 are: unforeseen extra costs, followed by account creation and then complicated checkout process. If you take a closer look you will see that many of the issues are preventable with the right prior insight.


It’s a sign of the times that additional costs and transparency come out so high in the abandonment stakes. Customers are now conditioned by features such as Amazon Prime. They expect speed, transparency and no added costs. This change in expectations puts free shipping,  next day delivery and free returns high on the agenda during the peak shopping season. Get these features right and your customers will turn off their browsing radar and actually shop.

The complicated checkout process is a classic digital CX pitfall. At UserReplay it’s always the prime area of insight for our clients as improvements can deliver percentage changes in conversion. Streamlining the process around checkout can be broken down into multiple areas: intuitive forms, security, transparency of costs, account registration and payment options. Intuitive features such as single-click purchase substantially shorten buying time.

Now of course delivering a stellar customer experience (CX) is critical at all times but particularly during the peak trading.  The stakes are higher and CX challenges can lead to a significant number of frustrated customers and lost revenue.

In a piece of research that we undertook at UserReplay, we found that the impact of poor digital CX is not just lost revenue and lower conversion rates. 31% reported it would negatively impact repeat business and 37% reported that it damages brand reputation

So, to help you be 100% prepared during the Black Friday season why not take a closer look at our  Black Friday CX ebook. There is a host of digital CX best practice advice that may just save you from falling into the top abandonment pitfalls during the peak season.


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The Baymard report mentioned in this blog is 40 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics published by the Baymard Institute