Holiday Shopping

A bit of background

Market America is a major eCommerce-based product brokerage and internet marketing company specializing in one-to-one marketing. With more than 6 million customers and more than 180,000 independent distributors worldwide, Market America generates over $3 billion in accumulated retail sales annually.

Market America’s is ranked 59th on the list of the Top 500 Global eCommerce Retailers. The site has a virtual presence in 9 countries represented by 5 different languages.

The challenge

Market America had already invested in analytics. However, the team sought a greater understanding of customer struggles. Furthermore, they wanted to understand the user’s psychology and utilize that insight across the business to make sure the traffic converts more.

To address these challenges and create customer experience excellence, Market America turned to UserReplay.

"With UserReplay, I can actually interrogate session replays to fully understand the choices people make, helping us reveal struggle in the buyer’s journey.”

Michael Brady CIO

Key takewayas

Deliver actionable insights to multiple functions in the business

Simplify digital intelligence with a single portal solution

Reveal the truth about customer experience issues hindering conversion