Adobe Summit 2018, London

Adobe Summit 2018, London

9th May 2018

Delivering great experiences and being obsessive about the customer.

That was the message driven home by Shantanu Narayen, President & CEO of Adobe at the latest EMEA Summit held in London on May 3- 4. Simply put, focussing on the customer is perhaps not enough, instead, as Narayen suggests, companies should become obsessed with their consumers and be experience makers for their users.

The EMEA summit which had around 5,000 in attendance and many more watching online included a range of speakers. From the likes of Victoria Beckham and Anthony Joshua to Optimisation and Customer Experience experts from the World’s leading brands -there was a diverse range of talks and knowledge shared.

Adapting customer experiences

A prominent featured example relevant to the world of Customer Experience was HSBC’s mobile banking app. The app combines voice control with adaptive learning to identify patterns of user behaviour. In the (albeit fictitious) example, the app was able to identify regular payments from a parent to a child’s lunch account. After recognising the pattern, the app then suggested setting up a standing order every week to the sum of £20. This was suggested, confirmed and implemented all via voice control and the interface on the user’s phone. An interesting example of how technology habits are changing, and the potential uses for a more connected life.

Another enduring theme throughout the summit was of course centred on the importance of mobile. Far from a new argument, the prominence only further reiterated the mobile centric approach of users and preference for digital. Google ramping up their mobile algorithm, whereby indexing of sites will begin to favour those best optimised for a mobile userbase only serves to reaffirm what we already know.

You can watch Adobe’s key speakers here for a rundown of the segments.

Entirely digital experiences – travel

It’s interesting to see the numerous innovate examples of companies striving to deliver the best customer experience. Poignantly, in his opening address, Narayen’s first example he personally highlighted was his recent travel booking, “an entirely digital experience”.

Travel itself is a sector that has seen dramatic changes over the years in booking habits and shifts from brick and mortar to digital delivery. The rise of peer reviews, specialist sites, and high transaction values mean it’s a competitive space and one where delivering optimal customer service is critical. UserReplay recently explored these shifting trends with expert research from PhocusWright.

The latest guide “The Ever-Changing Travel Ecommerce Landscape” features many familiar themes such as changing digital perceptions, tackling ever-demanding customer bases and accelerating innovation. You can download below to read the full report.

Image source: Adobe

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