CeX on the Beach

The weather is hot, bags are packed and people are going on holidays …some may even embark on a holiday romance! Apparently 58% of Britons will have a holiday tryst in their lifetime. Sadly, 93% of these relationships barely last longer than the runway at Gatwick.

Similarly, in ecommerce, we’re told in a recent Kleiner Perkins report that, if your website is not creating the right customer experience, making your customers smile and sweeping them off their feet, 82% of your visitors will go…never to return again.

This represents a 6% increase on 2014. No doubt about it, customer expectations are only getting higher. To have these clients and ‘would be’ clients become ex’s so quickly is such a great shame, especially when you consider how much you forked out-in PPC/SEO/Affiliate Marketing etc to get them to your website in the first place!

In both scenarios, the conditions for true love to flourish need to be just right and whether you’re sat in front of Kelly from Rotherham at Linekers in Puerto Banus or in front of your MacBook Pro at your desk in Shoreditch…the guidelines aren’t so very different.

Pamper and Prepare

Your website is one of the most efficient channels for your business to showcase its wares to the world. It’s an opportunity to communicate what your brand is all about and stand-out from the crowd. It is vital that you know what users are responding to on your website and if there are any obstacles preventing your website from delivering anything other than an outstanding customer experience. Get your website ready and invest in the tools you need to deliver to your customers.

Don’t Leave Your Friends Stranded

Your website is ready, you have invested in some tools, perhaps some A/B and Multi-Variant testing (MVT) solutions to make sure you are presenting the right content to your visitors. You may have implemented a Voice of Customer (VoC) initiative to get responses from your visitors. You still need to find a way of drawing the data you get from these solutions together, asking ‘why’ and getting your hands on some actionable insight. Harnessing the power of a Customer Experience (CX) Analytics solution such as UserReplay, will enable you to do this and give you the ability to do something about the obstacles and events taking place on your website…never leaving a friend (or a customer ((or both!)) behind.

Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

This a REALLY important one. Forget this and the consequences could be more significant than just a few days of pain. Before you launch your website into summer sale frenzy, re-platform or re-design, protect yourself from technical and usability problems with the ability to identify these before they seriously impact your online revenues. Having the ability to proactively identify and be alerted to multi-million £/$ issues in real-time through your CX tool is essential – don’t get burned!

Don’t Take Risks

There are lots of solutions that store customer data and the treatment of this data is making headlines because of improper handling. Make sure you entrust your customers’ data to a CX provider taking this seriously. Look for their policy on collection of PersonaIIy Identifiable Information (PII), their understanding of the implications of the upcoming GDPR legislation and make sure their full operation is ISO27001 certified to cover Information Security Management.

Not getting this stuff right early on now has huge implications with fines for a major breach of the stipulated regulations set at €20 million or 4% of global turnover…per breach.

Not knowing the weakest links in your data handling has just become a potential business destroyer.

If you want a Holiday Romance to go the Distance, Work Hard!

ABTA’S Holiday Habits report 2016 tells us that 76% of passengers booked their holiday online last year, a statistic that’s expected to increase. The shift to online continues across other verticals too with IMRG and Capgemini predicting that this year online retail will grow another 14%. Now, more than ever before, customers are faced with a huge and growing amount of choice. We can never take our website traffic for granted. It just isn’t a given and as the stats show, many users only buy from you once before disappearing off into the ether.

This can be avoided if you can understand your customer’s online experiences, their movements, their frustrations. By using CX technology to identify these behaviours and events in their journey you can increase online conversion astronomically. This is how your online business will stand the test of time, create a loyal committed customer base and have more and more people clicking ‘I Do’ at the payment gateway.

Getting this stuff right will ensure any ecommerce visit isn’t just a fling… Why don’t you read our 5 Tips for a Winning CRO Strategy to get you going.

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