Your Ultimate Valentine’s Mix-tape for CeX Success

It’s time to turn down those lights,
Get the champers on ice,
Tee-up a little Barry White on Spotify,
And slip into something a little more comfortable, why don’t you…
It’s Valentine’s Day!

To some, it may be just a cynical, made-up day, manufactured by the world of retail to flog heart shaped goodies and mushy greetings cards (…sorry…what’s the problem with that!?!) but, to this old romantic, it’s a fantastic excuse to show those closest to you, just how much you care for them. I mean, who doesn’t like a little romance and to be ‘wooed’, a little? Oh, Mr Darcy!

Of course, some might argue that we shouldn’t really need a special day to show our true feelings and make a bit of an effort for that special someone. We really should do this all year round, right? Do we really need all the pomp and fuss in the form of flowers, trinkets and heart embellished Hallmark moments?

This translates to eCommerce when we think about how we schmooze our website visitors and the Customer Experience (CeX) you give them. This should be a consistent ‘all-the-time’ thing, showing our customers the ‘love’ every time they visit our website. Of course, delivering great CeX needs some real commitment!

There is only one thing for it, and I know it’s a bit ‘old-school’, but as far as I am concerned there is nothing more romantic than a good old-fashioned mix-tape.

So, dear eCommerce website owners, developers and influencers, here are a selection of Valentine’s appropriate tracks to bear in mind as we consider what needs to be done to get customers using the ‘L’ word when they visit you online!

Everything I Do, I Do It for You – Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams knew exactly what he was talking about back in 1991 when he penned this little gem, and if you have taken note of Forrester’s 2018 Predictions report, you will also have gathered that his sentiments also apply to eCommerce. (Seamless link there!)

‘The key to successful retailing in 2018, is obsessing about customer experience’ so it’s time to roll out the red carpet ladies and gentleman, and place our lovely customers at the centre of everything we do.
Being customer obsessed isn’t something I hear many retailers object to, in fact, quite the opposite is true. There is huge support for placing the customer at the heart of business actions and decisions, however, being set-up in a way that allows this to be realised is something of a challenge.

To do absolutely everything you can to deliver great CeX to your customer, traditional organisational silo’s need to crack and teams that have previously worked apart (i.e IT and eCommerce) need to come together. As it stands, the ‘siloed’ nature of our businesses can actively prevent the delivery of a seamless and revenue generating interaction with the customer, which will never do!

Our advice:

IT, swipe right on eComms.
eComms, defo DM I.T.
You guys are made for each other!

Something Stupid – Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra

The chat is flowing. You are gazing into each others dilating pupils and even sneaking in the odd hand-brush and arm touch…it’s all going well…until a flippant, ill-considered comment pops out of your mouth that you immediately regret and can’t take back….damn it! We’ve all been there, haven’t we? (Please say ‘Yes’!!!)

It’s the same when you are buying something online and there is a bump in the road. The size drop-down isn’t working because you are using an IOS device or there is a circle going round and round after clicking the ‘buy’ button but no confirmation of purchase comes through. Did I buy it? Have I been duped? It’s frustrating, worrying and, not only could it impact the customer completing that transaction with you, it could also cost you that customer for life.

Keep a close eye on the health of important website areas like ‘Search’ and ‘Check-out’.

Even what appears to be a seemingly minor, short-lived, online issue impacting <0.5% of your check-out visitors could create a negative impact on revenue if left unresolved.

Ask your team:

Can we identify sessions where users are encountering struggle?
Can we quickly identify what sessions have been impacted by an issue?
Can we give our tech team the details of this issue so they can replicate and resolve it?
Can we quantify the impact of these issues so you can prioritise fixes?

This level of insight and detailed interrogation will ensure visitors check-out with their Visa, and not emotionally!

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

This the title track to 1998’s ‘Armageddon’, starring the delightful Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, makes a rather important point.

No one wants to miss out on the important stuff in life, do they? It’s really annoying, and be it wondering how Liv Tyler is getting on back on planet earth while you’re hanging off gigantic chunks of space rock on a mission to save the entire planet from imminent annihilation -OR- casually sipping on a pepper-mint tea in the office, wondering why Gloria from Bourton-on-the-water never did buy those art deco designer pastry forks, in limited edition rose gold, despite her repeated visits to your website, it’s just massively frustrating!

The good news and bad news on this one.

Bad news – space rock on a collision course with earth; bit of a pickle to sort really…

Good news – it’s really not so difficult to figure out what happened to poor old Gloria and the mystery of the cutlery purchase that never was.

There are lots of CeX tools that can provide you some insight into a user’s online experience on your website, however, many provide only a sample of the sessions that have taken place. Sample data is good for making a call on some basic usability issues, however, it’s pretty poor for drilling into the specifics of an individual user journey and interrogating the reasons that something didn’t work.

Wherever possible, remove the information gaps, guess-work and conjecture on what may have taken place. Ensure you are capturing 100% of user sessions and what’s more, demand insight from your CeX solution that is fully monetised and actionable so you can prioritise your work and that of your teams’!

With the right tools in place helping you deliver the online CeX required and driving revenue upwards, you may notice you CFO is generally a bit more cuddly to!

From all of us here at UserReplay have a delightful Valentine’s day and remember;

When your website is read,
Customers shouldn’t be blue,
Great CeX is awesome
For increasing reven-ue!

(Hey…I tried!)

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Business Development
When not writing blog articles, you will find me salsa dancing, watching anything with Will Ferrell in it and not eating salad ☺