Seeing eye to eye is critical to e-commerce success

Seeing eye to eye is critical to e-commerce success

16th January 2018

In this highly competitive retail world, every e-commerce organization knows their focus needs to be on putting their customers first; seeing things from their perspective. If you fail to provide your customer with a smooth online shopping experience, they are likely to go elsewhere.

Yet many organizations still lose vast amounts of revenue in this way – because, while their people are united in the cause, their tools and work practices divide rather than unite them.

Back to back

The CMO and e-commerce managers use a range of analytical tools to concentrate on content, while the CIO and their team use application performance management tools to maintain the technical side. Both tools talk a different language and there is little shared intelligence to unite behavioural understanding and performance.

And between the gap, customer experience issues still arise, causing long-term brand damage and lost sales.

What’s required is the ability to see eye to eye internally, rather than operating back to back. IT and Marketing need to partner for a more holistic shared view, if the business is to fulfil its revenue potential.

The possibilities

Imagine having the ability to visualize and interrogate customer behavior and session data more thoroughly to understand exactly why visitors aren’t converting. With this level of behavioral and performance insight, you can identify obstacles and prioritize resolutions more easily – all of which allows you to fix the issues that affect conversions up to ten times faster.

The outcome can be huge. As Forrester points out, a 10% improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into millions of dollars in increased revenue.

Improving your perspective in this way not only enables you to fulfil current revenue potential, it also delivers vital insights to the hidden revenue opportunities that lie in your customer data.

There are also clear business advantages to be gained within the organization. Departments can be better aligned to the objectives of the business, driving progress on a united front and increasing revenue generation.

Additionally, a shared focus on product, performance, revenue and the customer opens up further opportunities within the company to deliver wide-reaching value, improving communication and visibility between multiple stakeholders and driving dynamic digital transformation.

These are the benefits of turning visibility into value, by seeing eye to eye and working hand in hand across your e-commerce business.

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