Case Study

Great Lakes is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping make college a reality. The organization makes successful student loan repayment possible, in partnership with private lenders and the U.S. Department of Education. Great Lakes’ goal is to help students borrow responsibly, complete their education, and find repayment solutions that work for them.


Great Lakes has several million borrowers on its My Great Lakes Borrower website. Providing a world-class website experience that enabled its borrowers to be self-sufficient was critical to the organization. The company wanted to make the session replay analysis a self-service process, but the challenge was that the tool they were using was overly complex, requiring a degree of technical skills.

Download the case study now to find out how Great Lakes used UserReplay to improve the customer experience and:

  • Reduce turnaround time on support tickets
  • Monitor site activity immediately following an implementation of a new website feature to identify any potential performance or user experience issues
  • Deploy a CEM solution to significantly more internal users, which provides for increased self-service and greater adoption


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