The Analyst’s Diary: Machine Learning Insights

The Analyst’s Diary: Machine Learning Insights

22nd October 2017

The Analyst’s Diary, November 2017. Hello Diary, I just cannot believe we are in the countdown to 2017’s biggest online trading days – time goes so fast, but, it seems to move just so much faster in the world of eCommerce!

Preparation for peak trading has been underway for my clients since late August and I have enjoyed working closely with them to ensure they are set-up for Online Customer Experience success as they enter the silly-season.

It’s rewarding to get a client’s online CX ducks in a row, so to speak…especially when there is an especially elusive duck in the flock (…one thing I have learned is there is always a funny duck, on every website…finding it can be tricky though without the right tools!)

The terms ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘AI’ seem to be thrown around so commonly in the eCommerce analytics space these days, but it’s just so fascinating to work closely with these particular capabilities.

The Machine Learning and AI capabilities within the UserReplay solution are incredibly powerful because they identify much more than what us analysts, and indeed, us humans, could ever hope to detect.

Here is an example:

Recently, our Machine Learning algorithms identified that there was a number of customers hitting the payment button repeatedly, indicating struggle behaviour. I sat down with the client and built an event to pick-up on button clicks. Interrogation of this issue identified that this particular problem, although not occurring all the time (and only impacting 1% of visitors trying to purchase), was sporadically taking place more frequently during Windows/Internet Explorer sessions and was impacting conversion by up to 40% – rather meaningful!

Thankfully we always capture the technical data behind each journey so were able to quickly identify and resolve the issue for the client.

Early detection of this issue helped my eCommerce client discover a lost revenue opportunity of several millions of dollars!

I spoke to my key contact at this company tonight and it seems like they are in good shape for Black Friday – I know how important this time is and I am rooting for them.

Felt like this should be in the diary. It’s great knowing we have played a part in getting them organised for this critical time.

Here’s to a happy Online Experience.

Until next time…

The Analyst’s Diary is a collection of scenarios encountered by UserReplay’s Online Customer Experience analysts. Names and some details may have been changed to protect the innocent!

To learn more about how UserReplay could help you detect struggle and Increase online conversion on your website with Machine Learning, then book a demo with one of our experts.

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