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Is being mobile-friendly enough?

The number of mobile phone users is ever-growing, with an estimated 62.9% of the world population already owning a mobile phone. By 2020, this number is forecast to grow to 67%, with 4.78 billion mobile phone users. 1

The increasing mobile usage has a significant impact on businesses worldwide, many of which are mobile-friendly, but is that enough to give them the competitive edge?

Statistics show that apps accounts for over 80% of mobile time and, more importantly, that they dominate browsers in mobile usage by a shocking 90%.2 Furthermore, app usage continues to grow 6% year-over-year 3, showing that mobile initiatives are no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ – they are imperative.


It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It. 4

As the demand for enterprise mobile apps increases, meeting this demand is proving challenging for many businesses. Many have fallen into app development as a business necessity and replicated what they do on the web. This results in apps that are glorified mobile websites, which in turn leads to missing out on sales and revenue because useful and contextual customer engagement is missing. 5

Good user experience will separate successful apps from the unsuccessful ones, and to deliver good UX understanding common behaviours and how consumers use mobile apps is absolutely essential.


CX Management in the App world

In 2018, total app downloads exceeded 205 billion, and yet every 1 in 4 apps was deleted after only one use.The chances of an app being re-installed once it’s been abandoned are bleak at the very best, especially if the reason for abandonment is due to poor user experience. 6

Therefore, continual UX measurement and improvement is crucial for an app’s success. Whilst there are numerous metrics to consider, below are the top 3 to focus on in the first instance.

Session duration

  • How much time are users spending in the app? Assuming a short session means low engagement is a common mistake, as it may very well mean that the user simply found the solution quickly. Establishing what an optimum session duration is will help track success.

Session replay

  • Session replay enables drilling down into users’ navigation (taps, double-taps, scrolls, zooms and interactions) for a deep insight into their behaviour. In addition, it can help establish the reason behind a certain session duration, as well as identify struggles and frustrations users experience.

Retention and Abandonment Rates

  • As mentioned, 25% of apps are abandoned after only one use. Ensuring your users are happy will ultimately result in a higher retention rate. To achieve this, concentrate on establishing patterns of your retention and abandonment rates. 


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