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Online Customer Experience Management for Financial Services
Blog Unknown
Website journeys – how much are the “unknown unknowns” costing your online business?

It’s 5.00pm on a Tuesday afternoon and one of your contact centre staff takes a…

Blog Mobile Phone
The mobile tipping point and what it means for customer experience online

Wind the clock back twenty years or to the early days of e-commerce. Back then,…

Blog Cart Abandonment
Shopping cart abandonment

A potential customer searches Google for a product and quickly locates a website that can…

Blog Customer Complaint
Complaint handling

It’s one of the paradoxes of the digital age. As online marketers will tell you,…

Blog iPad
Digital Customer Experience

All online businesses know the value of converting first-time customers into loyal, long-term fans of…

Blog glitch
Customer experience analytics

Bringing customers on board is a priority for many online businesses. Let’s take financial services…

Blog Customer Experience Management
Customer experience management and accelerated ROI

Website development usually falls into two categories – namely the “must have” and the “nice…

Blog Walk customer
Customer journeys – Walk a mile in your customers’ shoes!

Think of the thousands of people who use your site every day. Each one has…

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Blog protection
Protecting your online brand investment

A few brands, such as John Lewis, seem to effortlessly retain their reputation for quality…

Blog Online Fraud
Online fraud

Sadly, fraudsters blight the internet. It’s one of the less appealing by-products of the digital…

Blog UFO
Are UFOs killing your website?

“The truth is out there.” At least that’s what the opening credits of cult TV…

Blog ecommerce team
User journey improvement

No organisation has unlimited resources and there will always be days in which staff struggle…

Blog Website Tools
Website analysis tools

As the UK election results on May 7th amply demonstrate, polling is not an exact…

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Blog Shopping
Online customer behaviour is changing rapidly

Customer change can take you by surprise. Witness the experience of the Tesco group. Having…

Blog Voice of Customer
Voice of the customer

For the most part, customers are content to be left to their own devices as…

Blog Mobile Phone
Customer experience management for mobile – 5 key facts

The importance of mobile commerce continues to grow. According to research company Statista, just under…

Blog Online Fraud
Online fraud

Wherever and whenever there is commercial activity, you can be reasonably confident that criminals will…

Blog ecommerce analytics
Ecommerce analytics

How do you know when customers are encountering problems on your website? The chances are…

Blog ecommerce cart
The Customer journey

Adding an item to an online shopping cart requires nothing more than a click. It…

Blog Resolve Dispute
Customer Experience Strategy

The customer is always right. As guiding principles go, it’s not a bad one. Customers…

Blog Plan
Conversion optimization- a five-step methodology

It’s all too easy to see online marketing in terms of the number of visitors…

Blog Online Sales
User journey – How to smooth the path to more online sales

A customer arrives at your website homepage with the full intention of making a purchase….

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Blog Walking in Customer's Shoes
Website navigation

No online retailer needs to be reminded of the importance of designing a site that…