A bit of background

Operating across Europe, ACHICA has dedicated websites in the UK, France and Spain and a fast growing membership totaling 4.5 million savvy shoppers worldwide. The retailer specializes in exclusive daily shopping promotions, otherwise known as ‘flash sales,’ and also offers a core collection of discounted luxury-branded goods for the home, which shoppers can buy at any time by logging into the website.

The Challenge

Understanding the shopping experience of each member that arrives on the site was identified as critical to growing sales and customer satisfaction for ACHICA. Capturing this information would be invaluable for improving the overall shopping experience and for personalizing offers based on customer behavior, thereby improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores. The business also wanted to capture this customer journey intelligence quickly, ideally in real-time, so they could react with offers while the customer was actually on-site.

"The data and insight we’re gathering from UserReplay is driving realtime merchandising, marketing and operational decisions, and is invaluable for the Business."

Adam Constantine Director of Business Intelligence

Success Story

Link website session data to individual customers

Improve conversion rates on all of its flash sales, triggering an uplift of up to 20-30%

Receive issue alerts within 30 seconds addressing the issue a customer may be having in real-time

Long term value ACHICA have now signed-up to a 3 year deal