A bit of background

In the UK, Pizza Hut Delivery has over 380 stores nationwide with aggressive growth plans. www.pizzahut.co.uk has experienced strong year-on-year growth, with weekend peak ordering (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings) commonly outstripping week-day ordering by 4-to-1.

The Challenge

Pizza Hut Delivery was experiencing two key challenges. The first was the ability to match incoming customer calls to their specific online journey to help manage and resolve issues more rapidly. The second was the validation and tracking of orders from confirmation and payment to bake. This time sensitive process involves multiple linked high capacity systems across several third party suppliers, their online merchant and independent franchises.

The team had been reliant on basic analytics and website performance tools but they failed to give the depth of insight required to identify and resolve many known and suspected issues.
The data provided from such tools also left the digital team wanting more. Whilst the data hinted at potentially serious issues, it created more questions than it answered, making it difficult to truly understand why customers were abandoning the site at unusual stages.

The business goal of Pizza Hut was to better manage the overall online experience particulartly during peak ordering hours, and discover and quantify customer experience issues proactively.

A day in the life: how Pizza Hut puts UserReplay to work

UserReplay was first integrated as a proof-of-concept during which it quickly identified and helped quantify a number of diverse issues across the .co.uk website. Even during the trial period, the technology helped Pizza Hut coordinate more effectively with its trusted third parties to resolve a number of these issues. In fact, one of Pizza Huts’ development partners commented: “This is great, now we can replicate the user journey in detail with drill through to technical information, and we can set about xing it for others.”

The results

Pizza Hut commissioned UserReplay to look into their mobile vs. desktop conversion rate to evaluate moving their desktop site to the same design and platform as their mobile site.
The insights UserReplay provided indicated this would not necessarily be the right approach at that time. Instead, Pizza Hut decided to delay any change in anticipation of a wholesale mobile site re-design using responsive technology.

“We had some very business-specific challenges we were experiencing that we felt UserReplay could support us with. The results were eye-opening. The data we can now access has enabled us to dramatically improve our customer experience, reduce the internal resource spent on identifying these issues, and provides us with the insight that helps us to shape our long-term strategy.”

Steve Ash IT Director, Pizza Hut

Success story

Over £4.7 million annual impact identified due to resolvable technical issues

Validate and identify specific journeys for greater customer service

Continually gather insights to shape the long-term business strategy

Act on critical issues as they happen to resolve at the speed of the business