Blog Voice of Customer
Voice of the customer

For the most part, customers are content to be left to their own devices as…

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Customer experience management for mobile – 5 key facts

The importance of mobile commerce continues to grow. According to research company Statista, just under…

Blog Online Fraud
Online fraud

Wherever and whenever there is commercial activity, you can be reasonably confident that criminals will…

Blog ecommerce analytics
Ecommerce analytics

How do you know when customers are encountering problems on your website? The chances are…

Blog ecommerce cart
The Customer journey

Adding an item to an online shopping cart requires nothing more than a click. It…

Blog Resolve Dispute
Customer Experience Strategy

The customer is always right. As guiding principles go, it’s not a bad one. Customers…

Blog Plan
Conversion optimization- a five-step methodology

It’s all too easy to see online marketing in terms of the number of visitors…

Blog Online Sales
User journey – How to smooth the path to more online sales

A customer arrives at your website homepage with the full intention of making a purchase….

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Blog Walking in Customer's Shoes
Website navigation

No online retailer needs to be reminded of the importance of designing a site that…

Blog Transaction Tracking
Transaction tracking

As every online merchant knows, a very high percentage of website visitors on any given…

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Blog Conversion Online
Conversion online

Savvy online businesses know all there is to know about their customers – at least…