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Although the UserReplay software has been designed to be easy to use, some of our customers prefer to achieve the many benefits and strong ROI of UserReplay without having to commit their own resources.

UserReplay’s established team of experienced analysts has a deep understanding of conversion barriers and customer struggle in digital channels. Having worked with dozens of leading online companies, they have a unique insight into what can and does go wrong on web sites. They also have deep knowledge of the UserReplay software. This means they can deliver value from UserReplay with great efficiency, creating a cost-effective alternative to using an in-house analyst.





With the Active Insight service, UserReplay does all the work of introducing and delivering customer experience analytics, leaving the customer to simply reap the benefits.

UserReplay analysts execute their proven Active Insight methodology on behalf of the customer. They will configure UserReplay to monitor key customer experience metrics and KPIs. A customer experience health check is then performed on a regular basis. The frequency of the analysis is agreed with the customer when the service is scoped out.

Each time the Active Insight analysis is performed the customer receives analysis by email. This email outlines new customer struggles and conversion barriers that have been identified and monetizes them based on the potential annual cost of the issue. They will also refer to example customer journeys to help with resolution.

The Active Insight service is an ideal solution to enable to maximize the ROI of your investment in UserReplay.


The Active Insight Methodology

  1. Discover the key obstacles to conversion by replaying the actual experiences your customers have.
  2. Analyze the data captured about customers who experience issues, then quantify and prioritize the issues as needed.
  3. Rectify issues based on the prioritization developed in the Analyze step. Session replay is again important here to reproduce issues quickly and efficiently.
  4. Track the online experience data to verify issues have been rectified and to alert if these issues re-occur.
  5. Share the results and wins that are achieved through application of your CEM technology within your organization—especially with executives and senior management.

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UserReplay Active Insight Methodology

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