Your funnel – your insights

Visualize your customer funnel and deep dive to achieve the insights required to realize your revenue potential, turning potential customers into paying customers. Pain and struggle points are quickly identified to remove any potential conversion blockers – enabling you to fully optimize your customers’ experience.

Act – on what matters most

With simple configuration, UserReplay begins working from day one to identify trends and segments. All discoveries are visually represented for quick at-a-glance summaries. Furthermore, every insight is monetized, enabling businesses to prioritise improvements via business impact.

Save time with analysis

Remove the time and effort required to discover, analyse and quantify the performance of your websites and apps. Enterprise organizations can fast forward straight to the meaningful insights that drive business value, innovation and customer experience.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Easily act on funnel abandonments

Optimize site performance with deep insights into each funnel stage

Determine the real financial impact of issues

Prioritize required optimizations by business impact

“This is great, now we can replicate the user journey in detail and drill through to technical information, so we can set about fixing it for others.”

Partner Development at Pizza Hut