Understand your user’s interactions

Heat maps provide an aggregate view of user behaviour and are ideal for optimizing the usability and real estate of your screens – across devices. Pinpoint key areas via distinct visual representations to better understand patterns, flows and trends.

Who clicked, who didn’t – who converted

UserReplay provides powerful data for any page and on any device. Our analytics enable you to go beyond the level of detail available with standard heatmaps. For example, determine, exactly how many clicked the yellow button on a Saturday and how many of them went on to convert.

Value – delivered to you

Visualize your visitor behaviour and deep dive to get insight. UserReplay does the hard work for you by discovering revenue and customer experiences opportunities and monetising them by business impact. This saves businesses value time in analysis and investigation.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Visualize aggregated user behaviour instantly

Gain insight into the user intent on every section of every page

Visualize the data on any type of web page and on any device

Deep dive into discoveries to understand your customer’s experience

"UserReplay delivers a fantastic return on investment and is particularly cost effective compared to alternatives on the market."

Steve Robinson CEO, ACHICA