Complete the view of the customer

Engaging, high-fidelity replays provide a user-friendly view of the customer’s journey – including mouse movements and clicks. Unique timeline capability lets you instantly move backwards and forwards through a journey to see key events.

Capture everything – miss nothing

Whether you’re looking to provide innovative solutions for your users or resolve a financial dispute, never miss a thing. Session replay provides the cornerstone of your Customer Experience Analytics solution by capturing all the actions your users take across their entire journey, beginning to end.

Pinpoint the journeys that matter

Avoid countless hours trawling through replays to find nuggets of insight. UserReplay automates this process and identifies the patterns, trends and segments that really matter. Using monetization, the most important discoveries are prioritized by business impact. Replays and all the underlying code are provided to ease the resolution and improvement process.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Replay journeys that have the maximum quantified revenue opportunity

Streamline customer experience by executing the most impactful improvements

Seamlessly integrate - fully compatible with modern single page technologies

See the entire customer journey from start to finish

"Through the data we could extract from UserReplay, we were able to spot the cause and resolve it, directly resulting in a healthy increase in conversion rates."

Anthony Ritchie CTO, Direct Ferries