Consolidate analytical and testing tools

Understand data flows and customer journeys with seamless integrations into your business analytics. Leverage the data and insights to drive customer centric innovation across your digital estate. Correspond conversions, sessions and replays to campaign and analytical data sets.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Correlate between the technical and user perspectives of every customer journey and feedback in real-time to help unify systems performance. UserReplay aids resolution by integrating and aligning with APM tools like New Relic and business critical systems relating to Voice of Customer, Chat, and API configuration. This enables you to understand a CX obstacle and request a particular CX replay, based on an application performance alert.

Voice of Customer and Chat

Tie customer feedback to specific sessions and events, triage in real-time with chat integrations for support and revenue recovery teams. By enhancing the optimizations of your web experiences, you can easily make sense of the data you receive to resolve customer experience issues as they occur.

Integrate across systems, complete the CX picture

Analytics and MVT/AB Testing

Voice of Customer

Chat tools and integrations

APM and monitoring

Tag management and business intelligence

Increased booking revenue in excess of £1million per annum

Direct Ferries