Struggle detection – gain deeper insight

Small issues occurring in your conversion funnel can cause major damage, resulting in masses of lost revenue opportunities. These segments are often missed by other tools and are too hard to find for human analysts. Our machine learning algorithm automatically identifies trends, patterns and sophisticated segments in real-time. These pockets of user struggle are then easily accessible for you to action.

Deliver value – align teams

Automating the discovery of valuable but previously unknown customer segments reduces the time to insight of revenue opportunities from days to minutes. UserReplay monetizes the importance of these segments by revenue impact – enabling teams to prioritize the most critical issues for up to 10x faster issue resolution.

Machine Learning for CX

Actionable insight –practical data use

Don’t wait on predetermined metrics and alerts. Powerfully smart AI identifies normal patterns of behaviour to alert teams of anomalies. Whether conversion or site performance focussed, teams can now make complicated data sets simple with a 360 view of the customer.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Detect Struggle automatically

Discover hidden segments impacting conversion

Reduce the discovery time of issues

Up to 10x faster issue resolution

Unlock millions in undiscovered revenue

“With UserReplay we identified that an upsell promotion was delivering misleading results due to the way it was displayed. We were not making it as easy for people as we should which resulted in many removing the items. We could only discover this customer behaviour with UserReplay.”

Mike Austin VP of eCommerce Technology at Rooms To Go