Definitively quantify revenue opportunities

Understand the true value behind every discovery or issue your users are faced with. Our unique monetization aspect offers a true cash flow analysis, calculated for each optimization, based upon the value of the resolved challenges in the customer journey.

The detail behind the data

Whether there’s an opportunity further down the conversion funnel which can unlock millions in annual revenue or a customer experience issue which inconveniences homepage users, UserReplay can identify how many users are affected, where and determine the exact cost potential.

Development driven – by insight

Streamline business capabilities and development cycles by allowing potential optimizations to be prioritized by their value. Make monetization elements visible across the entire business to shorten lead times, prioritization queues and provide clarity across the entire organisation.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Quantify revenue opportunities to predict the monetary impact

Quantify customers affected – determine the number and value

Clarify prioritization queues to shorten development times

Provide business transparency and better understand your users

"We discovered over $5.7 million annual impact due to resolvable technical issues thanks to UserReplay."

Steve Ash IT, Director, Pizza Hut