Reports built to your needs

Whether based on events, logs, errors, user factors or anything else, UserReplay gives you the power to report and alert at your fingertips. Flag the top-level discoveries and then drill down to reveal the detail behind the data. Keep and save all your reports in functional dashboards.

All your key metrics in one view

View all your business critical KPIs from up-to-the-minute dashboards. Quickly drill down into the data to identify the detail, replays and session vocabularies behind every discovery.

Your data your rules

Track what matters to you. Establishing events within UserReplay makes it easy to analyze and refine hypotheses about what happens in a specific segment. The data can be analyzed with powerful reports and dashboards within the UserReplay portal, as well as via Excel or any other BI tool.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Capture, analyze and report on user inputs

Create flagged events in seconds

Real time alerts

Aggregate and visualize customer journeys using flagged events

Flexible enough to be used by business users & experienced analysts

"Through the data we could extract from UserReplay, we were able to spot the cause and resolve it, directly resulting in a healthy increase in conversion rates."

Anthony Ritchie CTO, Direct Ferries