A goldmine of insight waiting to be discovered

As a leader in Customer Experience Analytics, UserReplay provides one of the richest data sets on the market. This data provides you with complete visibility of user journeys across your digital estate and enables you to stitch together multiple, complex customer journeys.

Analysis from day one

Deployed via a small snippet of JavaScript, UserReplay begins capturing and analysing all the rich session data across your sites from day one. Patterns, trends, conversion blockers and user journeys are all collated, analyzed and monetized by revenue impact, no matter how subtle or hidden.

Telling you something you didn’t know

Thanks to the depth, complexity and breadth of the data captured, UserReplay identifies opportunities you never knew existed. Everything from small code errors invisible to the naked eye to redirect blockers in a payment gateway are discovered and presented for prioritization.

The data to understand and the proof to act

Rich Session Data Capture – leading CX software

Surface insights for revenue and CX opportunities

Deployed via one JS tag

Capture everything that makes up the customer journey

"We want to truly understand, as much as we can proactively, to remove any potential challenges before they affect our customers.”

Brad Schneider Director of Application Development, The Container Store