Replicate and Fix Website Problems


In the drive for differentiation and competitive edge, marketing teams demand never-ending changes in areas such as website content, design and functionality. Driving increasing volumes of visitors to the site (and the very dynamic nature of site development) brings with it a risk of technical difficulties.

Unresolved technical problems impact revenue. While they persist the conversion rate of the site drops, and customers will become frustrated and turned off your brand.

Every call to customer service about a perceived technical issue may represent 1000 silent but frustrated customers, many of whom will have abandoned their journey without purchasing.

There is often a huge void between the customer describing the problem, often vaguely and usually to a non-technical customer services person, and resolution. It can be hard to distinguish user error from technical issue. Often the technical team simply does not receive enough information to replicate and diagnose an alleged problem. Studying log files is extremely time consuming and often inconclusive.

UserReplay comprehensively resolves this problem. A customer services representative can instantly find and replay the affected user’s journey. They can then bookmark the journey and alert the technical team, when a genuine issue exists.

As well as replaying the user journey, UserReplay provides deep technical insight into what actually happened. This usually allows bugs to be identified instantly, and fixed rapidly. Our customers tell us UserReplay pays for itself many times over, just from this ability to instantly replicate and fix problems. Lost revenue streams are rapidly restored.

UserReplay can also help with prioritizing fixes. Once a problem is identified, it can be flagged and its prevalence determined. This means the technical team can always be working on issues with the highest return on investment (ROI).

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