Resolve Online Customer Disputes


“Calls may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes” this is important when customer is making purchases over the phone. It protects both parties. In stores there are CCTV cameras and records of every transaction at the till.

Many e-commerce vendors trade without the equivalent protections for their website. Customers can make all sorts of claims…

  • “I tried to clear my account balance but the site did not work”
  • “I did click the button to say I had previous convictions but nothing happened”
  • “I booked an outside cabin!”
  • “I ordered 5 not 3”
  • “The iPad was on sale for £50”

It can be difficult to quickly deal with these claims. Often concessions are made because it is too difficult to get the evidence quickly to defend a point, rather than because the customer has a case. The costs of this can quickly add up, especially when experiences spread like wildfire on social media.

UserReplay provides the irrefutable audit trail, which extinguishes this kind of problem. The individual’s user journey can be replayed, proving exactly what happened. Costly unnecessary concessions are avoided, and social media reflects the knowledgeable and strong approach taken to any attempted try-ons from a customer.

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