Our patented technology captures all session data and the underlying code without escalating storage costs; all easily deployed via your preferred method with an open data platform. 


Open Data Platform
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Capture the story behind every customer interaction. We provide the detail that other tools can’t or charge a premium for.

  • Validate change cycles during preproduction
  • Integrate experience data with other insight systems
  • Align digital experience scores with your CRM
  • Proactively prevent abandoned transactions

Deployment Options – SaaS, cloud or on-premise

Our SaaS offering captures visitor data via inclusion of a small snippet of JavaScript, no customisation required. Visitor journeys are stored for a pre-determined period of time that you specify, fully secured and compliant with privacy regulations.

To control your own security, our software is easily installed in your preferred cloud or data center environment. Our deployment experts ensure a seamless installation.

Technical Insights – up to 10x faster issue resolution

In complex environments, sometimes replay alone is not enough. That’s why we provide all the underlying code with every session captured. Finding and resolving complex and nuanced technical issues just became easy.

  • Access all request and response data for every journey
  • Streamline communication between departments
  • Replay what happened both technically and visually

“The ability to quickly look at issues and diagnose what’s going on, provide triage and analysis quickly, really enhances the other parts of our internal organisation.”

Julian Hall VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development at SSFCU