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Straight from deployment, UserReplay identifies segments that have the largest impact to revenue and conversions. These segments are monetized by business impact and easily prioritised for quick resolution, making for one of the highest ROIs on the market.

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Adaptive Machine learning and AI quantify large sets of data to aggregate patterns and trends that are easily missed by the human eye. This provides you with powerful insights and a complete view of the customer to drive up conversions.

Pizza Hut – Technical Problem at End of Checkout


UserReplay identified there was a large amount of abandonment at the end of customer’s food order, resulting in low conversions. Analysis revealed payment was down at 48% as opposed to the expected 81%, impacting revenue to the sum of £1.7m.


By drilling down into session replays and unearthing the technical data behind them, the team uncovered misbehaving redirects relating to postcode entries. Pizza Hut were able to quickly able to escalate this to their partner for resolution and implement failsafes to prevent regressions.


Future improvements are now rapidly identified and triaged via prioritization based upon monetary value. This enables Pizza Hut to continually deliver and improve their customer experience, year round.

“We discovered over $4.7 million annual impact due to resolvable technical issues thanks to UserReplay.

Steve Ash IT Director Pizza Hut