A customer first data driven approach

Powerful analytics and machine learning eliminates guesswork and equips teams with the knowledge they need to make a difference to the customer.

We provide valuable insights on both the good experiences that you need to replicate and the struggles that you need to eradicate. And by grouping these experiences in segments you can also monetize and understand the full business impact.

Be a success story

Build customer retention Greater long-term retention and brand loyalty

Drive higher lifetime value. Returning, happy customers have a proven life time value (LTV)

Reduce costs and overheads Minimize costs for experience related issues and focus on innovation.

High information security certification for PII data / ISO 27001 certified

Conversion doesn’t always mean great experience

Even the issues that do not directly cause sales abandonment such as providing a confusing customer experience when changing a password – will ultimately cost your business revenue. With the data available and the power to act, you can streamline and evolve the delivery of your customer experience across the board.

Large Online Retailer – Re-prioritized CX Issue


UserReplay's analytics revealed users being impacted by a technical error deep in the checkout process that was impacting on their ability to convert. The analysis deduced that fixing this error could lead to an uplift of $45m per annum.


The retailers technical team were aware of the issue but did not think it was impacting many customers or their overall experience until the analysis was revealed. With UserReplay they were able to reveal that it was significantly degrading both coversion and overall experience. The error was quickly re-prioritzed as high importance to fix.


Continued analysis and proactive alerts enable customer and revenue focussed teams to align with support services to iteratively improve the online experience.

“We selected and deployed UserReplay’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solution to allow us to measure and constantly improve our website experience.”

Fernando Delk, Project Leader, Information Systems Development Great Lakes